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Friday, 13 May 2016

Welcome and My First Ever Post - A Review of the Labradorite Vermeil Mini Nala Pendant

Welcome to my brand new blog dedicated to all things sparkly and jewellery related -Sparkling Magpie. My first post is going to review the Labradorite Vermeil Mini Nala pendant which can be purchased either in store at The Genuine Gemstone Company Ltd (the parent company) concessions or online at Gemporia.com.

The necklace  comes with a certificate of authenticity and in a faux leather blue box. The box has a white slip cover embossed with the company logo and when removed it reveals a faux blue leather jewellery case which feels and looks quite substantial in size. When you open the case to reveal the inside it is black and has a velvety feel to it. The piece of velvet that holds the necklace in place is removable so the case itself would make a fantastic travel sized jewellery box as it feels sturdy enough to protect your jewellery.

The necklace itself is  16" (44cm) long and is made of vermeil. Vermeil is sterling silver plated in gold. The clasp is a lobster clasp which is easier to grip than a trigger clasp as it is slightly longer so there is more to grip on to when fastening the necklace. The stone is 3.37 carats and measures.  It has a faceted cut, is very tactile and even though the back isn't smooth it still fits comfortably just above the collar bone. 

Labradorite was first discovered Labrador, Canada and can now also be found in Madagascar, China, India, Australia, Russia,  Mexico, Scandinavia and the USA.  
At first glance the stones appear a very plain grey/brown but when light hits it, They have blue/violet/grey/ green hues running through them. As seen in my photographs they also pick up and reflect the colours that are around/ behind them.  

As labradorite is associated with the third eye and is supposed to reduce negativity It is used in prayer and meditation. Labradorite is supposed to promote patience and intuition, helping you find your true path and destiny in life.

The necklace feels quite substantial and looks a lot more expensive than it actually is due to the vermeil chain and the cut of the stone. The light bounces off and through the faceted stone revealing a kaleidoscope of blue, green and violet from what appeared at first glance to be a boring, uninspiring, subdued grey stone. It is a piece of jewellery that could be pared with smart work wear, jeans or be worn if you were going out in the evening. I am very pleased with this purchase and will keep an eye out for other labradorite pieces.

When I commented on Facebook about the lack of a customer service assistance at their Manchester concession they replied within an hour even though I emailed during the evening.  I had a question relating to the necklace, emailed Gemporia.com on a Sunday afternoon and again got a reply within the hour. So Internet/social media wise their customer service is excellent. In store, however, customer service is not as exemplary. The first time I went to buy my necklace I couldn't find anyone to serve me and the second time although she was very polite she didn't know the names of the stones and took ages to find the necklace behind the counter. In the future I would definitely buy their jewellery as it is good quality and looks great but probably not from in store concessions due to the difference in customer service. 

No matter how beautiful or swoon worthy a piece of jewellery is, unless it and the company that made the piece have ethical credentials worth shouting about then that item is just not worth it.  The ethos and aim of Gemporia is "is to be original, inspiring and ethical" (their whole statement can be found at http://www.gemporia.com/en-gb/about-us/ ) They work closely with the Colourful Life Foundation whose mission is "is to improve the health and education of deprived communities - providing long term improvements to quality of life by the creation and support of sustainable economic opportunity". A recent example of the Foundation's work was their refurbishment of a toilet block for a school in Bhwani (India) creating male and female cubicles. This has resulted in a rise in the number of girls attending school. 
The fact that The Genuine Gemstone Company support this foundation make my necklace feel even more special as its purchase is helping those who are in dire need of projects like this. 

The Labradorite Vermeil Mini Nala necklace can be purchased from The Genuine Gemstone Company concessions or online at  Gemporia.com (order number QDDY87) and costs £21.99. I purchased mine from Debenhams Market Street Manchester where there is a Genuine Gemstone Company Ltd branch in store.

All views expressed in this post are my own and I purchased the item myself. 

Colourful Life Foundation http://www.colourfullife.org/



  1. Well Done on your Fantastic 1st Blog Susan. I would certainly buy Labradorite after reading this and seeing the lovely colours on your photos.
    I look forward to more reviews, I love pretty sparkly jewellery too x