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Sunday, 10 July 2016

#EarthyJewel Pink Chalcedony Pendant

  I  decided to widen my gemstone jewellery collection as, after careful consideration, the majority of my jewellery is either labradorite or moonstone. After perusing Etsy I thought this pendant would be a pretty and cheap (£10.27 inc postage) way of venturing into a paler more summer colour palate. 


The stone is natural pink chalcedony and is 12mm. The stone is faceted on one side so the light bounces off it and the other side is flat so rests comfortably against the chest area. It is made of 18k gold plate and looks a very bright gold which sets the pink off perfectly. There was a choice in necklace length - 16, 18 or 20". The only problem I have with it is the clasp. It is S shaped and as I have grip/ coordination problems I have difficulty forcing the jump ring into position through the S. As it is a S clasp I cannot fasten my magnetic fasteners to the necklace without it being obvious and the S dangling down. 

The seller, based in India, was very helpful and the postage was around £3. My necklace came in a plastic box so was very well protected. I would buy from this seller again. The price of the item was reasonable, the design is unusual and the stone cut and setting looks more expensive than it actually was. The only downside is the clasp for wonky hands like mine! 


I purchased this item myself. 

Earthy Jewels: https://www.etsy.com/uk/listing/218876749/natural-pink-chalcedony-necklace-pink?ref=hp_rv

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