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Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Jewellery As Art - jewellery trees, displays & holders. #WIN

Life is too short to keep jewellery closeted away in dark jewellery boxes brought our once every blue moon. Instead how about displaying jewellery as a piece of art, on walls, on stands or draped artfully in vases, teacups or jewellery trees. Vintage cups and saucers, vases and pots artfully displayed can be sourced from that old favourite- eBay or from your local charity shop 


You could make your own piece of art by covering a picture frame with wallpaper and screwing in some curtain hooks, or put a piece of foam on a picture frame, cover with material and use pins to secure the jewellery. Or, if you are lazy like me search eBay, Etsy or Sass & Belle have a vintage version just like I would make if I was artistically inclined! 


Sass & Belle's website have some quirky, fun and eye catching jewellery display items and ideas and more display items can be found searching Ebay UK and Amazon UK .  I found the rabbit and unicorn ring holder on Sass & Belle's web site, they are adorable and not expensive. The rabbit ring holder and unicorn jewellery are quirky but would look great on any dressing table. 

They are all statement ornaments which would make a statement out of your favourite pieces of jewellery. There is a lot of choice and so many great display choices so I hope these have given you a few ideas. Happy shopping!

If you want to win a deer jewellery holder just subscribe to this blog and leave a comment closing date 01/08/16
                             All views expressed in this post are my own and either my own items bought by myself or stock photos. 
These items can be found on Sass & Belle's website: https://www.sassandbelle.co.uk/
or resellers on Amazon and EBay can be found by searching Sass & Belle


  1. Subscribed :) It's beautiful fingers crossed

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