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Friday, 2 September 2016

Fair trade Azuni Mandala Dreamcatcher Pouch duped by Topshop

Azuni are a ethical fair trade jewellery firm whose Dreamcatcher range is part of a fair trade initiative to support the local indigenous populations in South America through the payment of a fair wage for their craft.  Topshop are selling a copy of the Dreamcatcher Mandala pouch necklace for £6, showing not only a lack of imagination when coming to designing their own jewellery ranging but also potentially undermining this fair trade initiative in order to make a profit!  The only differences between the two items are that the Azuni one has stones dangling down whilst Topshop  has feathers and the placement of the sun is slightly different.  Intellectual copyright issues aside it seems unfair that a huge international fashion chain would copy a fair trade item and put the pursuit of profit over ethics.

The Azuni Dresmcatcher Pouch Necklace can be found here: http://azuni.co.uk/mandala-amulet-pouch-cream-bronze

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