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Monday, 26 September 2016

Sticks and Stones:Evening Glam

In all the introductions to the online evening walking cane/ stick shops there is a general consensus that the cane should be the focal point of the outfit.  This is true for the ones I selected as I thought thought they were the nicest with the most detail. As the McQueen one cost £295 it would certainly be the focal point of my outfit!! If my stick has silver accents I would stay with silver themed accessories if it had gold I would have a matching bag, earrings etc. All the ones apart from the McQueen one are from walking stick specialists so I would not have any safety concerns about it taking my weight. I did find a dupe for the McQueen one for £44 if skulls are your thing from a walking stick specialist. 

I especially like the Swarovski topped walking cane but I feel canes are not as useful for people like me who use my stick for support and need to grip the handle. Canes have less to hold on to and although they look dramatic give less support to the user even if they are pretty to look at. I also like the combination of a silver handle and matte stick as this looks elegant and could be used as a evening/ occasional stick and pared with work wear. 

In terms of accessorises/ jewellery I feel they should be muted and match the stick.

I found the largest and most stylish selection of evening sticks at http://www.healthandcare.co.uk/dress-canes-formal-walking-sticks/evening-cane-with-swarovski-crystals.html?gclid=CKb_zJH5r88CFVEz0wodHEEOSA - healthandcare.co.uk and they were all reasonably priced .

The Alexander McQueen one can be found here: http://www.alexandermcqueen.com/gb/alexandermcqueen/formal-accessory_cod46350284jp.html

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