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Sunday, 4 September 2016

Sticks & Stones: #owl be yours!

Sticks can sometimes look very similar despite being made by different manufacturers. The floral stick, for example , can be seen in all mobility catelogues. There are some fun looking sticks around but you must always consider the safety and comfort aspect when selecting a stick like those I've put below. Some of the owl heads are more fun than comfort- I certainly wouldn't want to grip an owl's head for more than a few hours and I am not sure if the etsy and the umbrella sticks would be any good safety wise for me as I put my full weight on my sticks, as I use it both for support and balance. They are fun though and would be great for anyone who likes owls!

Jewellery wise there is lots of choice. The owl jewellery I chose off Pinterest ranged from £15 to £2000 for the diamond and carved owl ring. None of these look particularly twee or childish but would complement any outfit perfectly. 

All views expressed in the blog post are my own. 

The owl sticks can be found at:


The jewellery can be found at: 


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