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Monday, 26 September 2016

The Bicycle Bell Derby Cane

The bicycle bell Derby cane made me laugh after a particularly trying day of having people expect me to speed up, get out of their way, be in my way or play dodge on the pavement. The bicycle bell cane has a little bell that you ring to alert other people to your presence! The blurb states "The Bicycle Bell Derby Walking Cane allows the user to make their presence known when walking in crowded areas. Many walking stick users worry about being accidentally bumped into or knocked over in busy situations. By sounding the bicycle bell, users can make other people aware of their presence quickly"

The cane itself is made from beech wood so could be cut to size - it is 92 cm in length and non adjustable. It has a black ferrule and the bell is chrome plated. I just wish they would make a bell (or horn) that could be attached to all sticks!

The bicycle bell cane can be found here and is £20.99: http://www.healthandcare.co.uk/derby-canes/bicycle-bell-derby-walking-cane.html

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