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Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Z by Accesorize Suri Rose Quartz Jewellery Collection: Review Part 1

The Pantone colour for 2016 was rose quartz so rose quartz would be a natural choice for the Z for Accessorize range to use as one of the stones for their a/w collection. Zara Simmons included it in her Z for Accessorize range combining it with gold plate. This brings out the pink of the rose Quartz and in my opinion is a more complimentary pairing than silver and rose quartz. 

The band of the ring is very thin so is comfortable to wear. The stone roses just above the setting and is faceted so can look almost frosted in some lights. 

The stone is 1/2 cm in length so even though it is eye catching it is not a knuckle grazer and looks very elegant, costing much more than £15. 

The earrings are based around fish hook wires, so just slide in to place. From the tip of the hook to base of the stone is 2cm so they are quite small and discrete, a miniature version of the other pieces in the Suri collection. The stones can look quite frosted in some lights due to the face ting and cut of the stones. All pieces of the Z for Accessorize jewellery come on hang tags and can be found at selected Accessorize and Accessorize.com.

I purchased these items myself and they can be found here: they are now £7.50 each in the sale section 


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