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Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Artsy Chicas Layla Sterling Fertility Pendant: A Review

I purchased the Layla sterling silver fertility  pregnancy pendant in amazonite, rose quartz and moonstone from artsy Chicas on Etsy for £19.33 not including shipping. The stones are supposed to balance your chakras. All three are calming fertility stones. Rose quartz is supposed to be the stone of love and fertility, promoting peace and serenity.  Moonstone is the feminine stone thought to promote conception and help with anxiety. Amazonite balances feminine and masculine energies, encourages calmess and reduces sadness and like rose quartz has a calming influence. Sterling silver is associated with the moon, drawing out negative energy and replacing it with positive. 
I did not buy it for fertility reasons - my cat is my fur baby and may make an appearance in my blog later next month. I bought it because the combination of stones is so pretty and the briolette stones are quite substantial ranging in 1-2 cm and the colours complete each other so well. It can from the US to the UK in around a week. She did give me the option of choosing other stones but I prefer these. It came in a cardboard box and little bag with a card explaining what the pendant should do. The chain is extra and due to customs charges I chose to buy my own from Amazon. The bale is quite narrow so the chain needs to have a narrow clasp to fit through. 

I have a discount code 20% off  "SPARKLE20" for the whole of the  Artsy Chicas shop: www.artsychicas.etsy.com.
there are  wellness jewelry items  as well as fertility, pregnancy and birthstone jewelryThere is also an 'Artsy Chicas' line of bracelets for men too!
The pendant can be found here:


  1. Hi Susan, I just came across your blog post on your lovely blog :)
    Thanks so much for your review of our Layla Necklace! ( I love your photo collage too!)
    I have set up a special coupon code for you and your readers for a 20% discount on our entire Etsy shop. The coupon code is "SPARKLE20" for our Artsy Chicas shop: www.artsychicas.etsy.com.
    We have wellness jewelry as well as fertility, pregnancy and birthstone jewelry. We are also adding our new 'Artsy Chicas' line of bracelets for men too!

    I am actually from the U.K. (Bath) but moved over to the U.S. in 2000- it is nice to see some of my jewelry making its way back over there!