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Monday, 31 October 2016

November Birthstones: Topaz &Citrine

November's birthstones are topaz and citrine. Both these stones are known for their calming energies and bring good luck and warmth to those who wear them.

Topaz is taken from Topazio - Ancient Greek for St John's island in the red sea.Topaz stones vary from colourless to brownish yellow, the most expensive is Imperial topaz as it is orange with pink undertones.   Topaz is mined in Brazil, Pakistan, US, Russia, Australia and Nigeria.  As Topaz measures at an 8 it is a strong stone but can be prone to chipping.  Topaz is a calming stone thought to calm tempers and cure both nightmares and madness. 


Citrine is a variety of the quartz gemstone.  The name is taken from citron meaning fruit.  The colour of the stone ranges from pale yellow to orangish brown.  Citrine is mined in Brazil, Russia, Madagascar Spain and Bolivia.  It has a hardness of 7 on the Mohs scale, making it ideal for large chunky jewellery as it is able to withstand chips and everyday wear and tear.  Citrine is known as the healing stone due to its ability to heal, sooth and comfort.  It also attracts wealth and prosperity.

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