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Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Switch to Switch Sticks!

When I was first advised to use a stick I was given an NHS clumpy grey, heavy stick with a handle that was uncomfortable and too big for my hand. After looking on the internet I came across Switch Sticks. These sticks are colourful, have comfortable handles and are collapsible. There are plain, engraved, patterned sticks,  seat sticks, accessories and they have just introduced colourful crutches. The stick comes collapsed in a cardboard box and a little material carry bag (see above picture).  They also come with a matching furule and wrist strap. The sticks are adjustable from 32"-37" and take weight up to 19 stone. 

When I first started buying switch sticks they offered an adjustment service (I am only 4 ft 8" so anything above petite is too big for me) and petite sticks. Since they branched out to Boots/ Argos etc they seemed to have lost the personal touch and no longer offer petite (or tall) sticks. When I emailed them they did say you could cut up to 3" off the bottom without damaging the collapsible mechanism. I still buy switch sticks and they are my first choice when I want a new stick- the new gold one looks very flashy and eyecatching! as they are bright, comfortable and affordable! It's just a faff to find someone to cut it down for me. I have noticed that if you shop around you can get your Boots points if you buy at Boots and Anazon quite often has some good deals too. 

Switch sticks website is here: https://www.switchsticks.co.uk/store.asp/c=31
They are also available at Amazon UK , Boots online and some stores, Argos and some other online retailers. 
I purchased these sticks myself and the opinions expressed in this post are my own. 

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