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Friday, 18 November 2016

Constellation Capricorn Ear Crawlers: A Review

I purchased my Capricorn  constellation ear crawlers from Karlasdesign on Etsy UK. They were £7.60 excluding  p&p. I chose the Capricorn version but the other constellations looked equally as nice. The ear crawlers are sterling silver and even though they look delicate they are quite sturdy. They came in a little purple box which I will use as ajewellery travel case. 

I found that it would have been easier to get the earrings in if the posts had been at a little sharper and  when I brushed my hair behind my ears I kept catching the stars which pulled the crawlers out of position. These are only small niggles. They are comfortable to wear and discreet so a nice alternative to wearing studs for work/ college. I only have small ear lobes and the constellations only just fit - I don't think they would look as good if the end was hanging off my ear but for the price I do like them. 

I will be giving a pair of these ear crawlers away as part of my Christmas Giveaway (1-12 Dec) so keep checking back if you want to try and win a pair. 
I purchased these ear crawlers myself and the views expressed in this blog post are my own. 

The crawlers can be found here: https://www.etsy.com/uk/listing/233924299/capricorn-earrings-capricorn-zodiac-sign?ref=cat_gallery_19

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