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Thursday, 10 November 2016

Earring Converters: pierced to Clip or Pain in a Clip!

Earring Converters convert pierced to clip earrings and are supposed to be great for those who don't have pierced ears, want to wear heavy earrings but don't want to risk stretching their earlobes or if they just don't want to faff around putting a pierced earring in clips are supposed to be quicker. Now for the downside of clip convertors: they hurt; they are only suitable to use with fish hook wire earrings (and even then they don't always "hang" right and did I mention they are painful to wear! I got a cheap pair from Amazon but you can get gold plate or sterling silver ones if you want to use them with a more expensive pair of earrings.

When browsing YouTube I did come across several tutorials which show you how to convert earrings using the converters to make them permenant clip earrings. Using a pair of pliers you prise open the jump ring holding the earring to the fish wire hook and remove. Take the earring (in this case bambi) part of the earring and the jump ring and put the jump ring through the little loop on the converter, put bambi (or whatever earring you want) on to the jump ring and secure. This technique only takes a few seconds and means you can ensure that your earring hangs correctly and doesn't slip out of the converter. 

Earring converters can be found on Amazon, EBay, and all jewellery finding stores as can the pliers needed if you want to convert your earrings and spare jump rings.

Nothing apart from my earlobes were injured during the making of this blog post!

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