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Sunday, 27 November 2016

Sticks & Stones: The Midas Touch


Welcome to the Christmas edition of Sticks and Stones. Lots of Christmassy gold and deep wintery velvet materials and colours but without looking gaudy and overdone - a bit like the perfect Christmas turkey! There are several "pure" gold sticks available but the gold leave/ flower ones are just as wintery/Christmassy. Gold also goes with the traditional winters colours: burgundy, green and black so it won't represent a use only at Christmas or special occasion purchase. 


 Gold handbags, goth velvet chokers, velvet skirts and long coats look great with gold and can really make you and your outfit stand out from the crowd. There are some really reasonable pieces of clothing available at New Look or you could splash out for something a little more expensive at somewhere like Mint Velvet. Velvet always comes back in style so it will be money well spent. 

All the sticks are available from Amazon.co.uk

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