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Friday, 4 November 2016

The Stick & Cane Shop, Metallic Purple Folding Walking Stick: A Review

This metallic purple folding walking stick was purchased online from the Stick and Cane Shop. They do free stick alterations and were were very helpful when I emailed to ask if it was possible to cut down a collapsible stick as much as I wanted without damaging the collapsing mechanism.  They tried removing a section of a stick to see if this would work and emailed me back to tell me it would be possible to remove a whole section. I ordered it on a Friday and I had it by the Tuesday, so the customer service is great.   
The walking stick itself is metallic purple and handbag sized as it collapses into 5 (or in my case 4 ) sections. The stick is light weight (250g) and comes with a clear pouch to store it in.  the length of the stick  is adjustable from 86cm to 94cm and its length when folded is 22cm. Length when folded is 22cm. It comes with a matching wrist strap and black ferrule. The handle is quite comfortable even for my small hands. I would recommend the Stick & Cane Shop, their customer service and selection of sticks and canes is great, delivery is quick and as I always need my stick adjusting I think it's a great service to offer when so many other walking stick sellers don't offer this service. 

I purchased the stick myself and it can be found here: http://www.stickandcaneshop.co.uk/Mobile/MBSCProduct.asp?pdtid=12716228

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