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Thursday, 8 December 2016

#December #Birthstones: #Tanzanite; #Turquoise & #Zircon

December birthstones are all the blues: tanzanite; turquoise and zircon. Tanzanite is a relatively new gemstone, first found in Tanzania in 1967 (hence the name) and its first distributors were Tiffany & Co. 
Tanzanite is supposed to be able to transpose negative thoughts into positive and help the wearer think for themselves rather than be influenced by others. It helps to realise your dreams and change negative thoughts into constructive ones. Tanzanite is a creative stone and also helps to get rid of lethargy. 

Zircon is the oldest gemstone and its name it taken from the Arabic words zar and gun - gold and colour as originally zircon was used as an alternative to diamond. It does not refer to or mean the artificial stone, cubic zirconia, which is made in a lab. Zircon is mined and looks like a diamond would do both in colour and lustre. They can be heat treated and the brownish variants are often heated to become blue and golden in colour.

In the Middle Ages zircon was though to aid sleep and bring the wearer honour, prosperity and wisdom. Now zircon is supposed to increase self confidence and help the wearer love themself, open their heart and bring compassion. Zircon is a grounding stone meant to inspire, motivate and guide the wearer and help them achieve their goals. Golden zircon is supposed to bring prosperity. 

Turquoise comes from the French for "Turkish stone" as it was thought to originate in Turkey. In ancient times it was believed turquoise would change colour if the wearer was ill or in danger. Traditionally a love charm, it is also a symbol of success and good fortune. It is supposed to relax the mind and protect the wearer from harm. Turquoise, especially turquoise rings, are supposed to keep away evil spirits. Turquoise represents a happy life and good fortune.

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