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Friday, 30 December 2016

Harry Potter Silver Plated Slider Charms: Review & #WIN

The Harry Potter Tour London has a huge amount of jewellery focusing on price points that range from reasonable (£4.95 for a slider charm) whilst the cheapest sterling silver slider charm - Hogwarts letter is a lot more detailed but expensive at £46.95. The silver plated slider charm range is the most affordable (there is also a Fantastic Beasts available range now as well). Made by Carat London some charms, slider bracelets, slider necklaces and HP jewellery are available on their website whilst some others are HP exclusives and only available instore. The Hogwarts in the Snow slider charm and charm necklace (£4.95 and £8.95) are the only charms available on the HP Tour online shop and are also instore. Some of  the charms and bracelets are also available at the platform9/34 webshop which is linked to the Kings Cross Harry Potter shop. The HP Tour webshop focuses on the higher end sterling silver slider charms (£50 and over) which are 3D and ofcourse are much more detailed than the £4.95 range.  The Carat shop also does starter packs that are slightly cheaper with 4 charms in them (£15.95), several spell divider charms (£8) or a bracelet with 4 charms for £19.95.


The silver plated slider charms are flat and fit most slider charm bracelets and necklaces. The enamel detailing is quite detailed and the charms themselves are well made. The bracelet comes in three sizes  s (18cm), m (19cm), l (20cm) (£5.95) and is available in silver plate or a black cord. The necklace is 44 cm, costs £8.95 and is silver plated. They all have a branded clasp. The fantastic beasts range has a brownish corded bracelet which ties in with the colour scheme for that range.

I bought the ones pictured for my mum for Christmas. She can add to her collection everytime she goes to the Tour as they are one of the most reasonably priced items in the HP shop. She has arthritis in her hands and whilst she didn't find it hard to slid the charms onto the bracelet she did find it difficult to fasten. 

To win a silver plated slider charm bracelet or necklace of your choice plus three charms please follow my blog using either bloglovin or the email option or for 2 entries use both, and comment done in the comments. The competition closes on 22nd January 2016 at 11.59pm. 

I purchased these items myself and they are available here:


  1. I LOVE harry potter for my birthday end of January my hubby is taking me to the studio tours :) such a great blog and giveaway fingers crossed

  2. wow how lovely this would be amazing as we are big Harry Potter fans in our house x such a good blog and followed via email

  3. Done. Great giveaway. My daughter loves Harry Potter.

  4. Done. I am a huge Harry Potter fan. When the sorting hat on thrnPottermore website placed me in Griffindor I was the happiest muggle alive! My hubby often asks if we where ever fortunate to go to Harry Potter world in the states what would I do if the sorting hat placed me in another house? I told him I would get back in the queue and wait my turn again! This jewellery is lovely! Love the snitch!!!

  5. Done :) I grew up with HP. I started reading it from book two for some reason :) I found mugglenet and religiously listened to podcasts analysing chapters and characters :) Each book release was magical. To this day it's one of my favourite book series and I can't wait to show my kids the magical world of Harry Potter :)

    Ps! The HP tour is on my o do list this year. I keep dropping hits to my husband :)

  6. Done id be delighted to win these beauties for my neice

  7. Wow, love these! I've followed you on bloglovin

  8. Done - followed - thanks for the chance xx

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  10. Following on Bloglovin :) Thanks for the chance x

  11. Following by email and Bloglovin.


  12. Hi Gill Mitchell is the winner - wish I could pick you all as they were such lovely comments about HP