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hi, I am a 40+ year old who loves jewellery and all things sparkly. I also enjoy trying out and reviewing new makeup products, finding stylish walking sticks, reading and writing book reviews. I will review anything from bird tables/ hedgehog houses to the latest fashion! My Instagram account is @sparkling_magpie

Saturday, 31 December 2016

It's Raining Cats & Dogs (Walking Sticks Rendition!)

Welcoming in 2017 with a blog post about cat and dog walking sticks. I saw a post on Twitter stating that 95% of pet owners buy their pet a present - I know I do and he sends them to the other cats in our close! So how about a few walking sticks that are stylish and pet themed. I found all these sticks on Amazon and the stick and cane web shop. The majority are made by Classic Canes and have Derby handles which are easy to grip. The carved head sticks are more ornamental, I know I would have difficulty gripping it due to neuropathic pain in my hands, but they are pretty to look at! The prices range from £22-£54 which seems to be the average price for these type of walking sticks. I have put the links  to all the walking sticks below.






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