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Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Azuni Athena Narrow Sculptural Cuff

Ashley Marshall established Azuni in 1996 - one of my favourite pieces is from one of his first collections. His designs incorporate different cultures and designs whilst maintaining his ethical and fair trade stance. 

The Azuni Athena sculptural cuff (narrow version) is inspired by ancient treasures and is both functional and fantastic. It is eye catching and unusual but is also comfortable and doesn't catch or snag on coats or jumpers. As I can mould it to my wrist as it is open backed and flexible I am not continually checking that it is still there. It is quite light to wear. 

I have difficulty fastening bracelets due to spatial issues and lack of grip on my hands. This bracelet is easy to put on as I just slide it on my wrist than adjust it to the size I want by moulding it to my wrist. 

I ordered mine from Amazon UK, it came wrapped in purple tissue paper and has its own little soft drawstring pouch to protect it.  I did email Azuni directly with several questions which they answered promptly and were really helpful in their replies. 


The cuff is finished in 24k Matt gold and the semi prescious cabochon stones are amethyst, peridot and garnet. The cuff's width is 45mm and as it has an open back can be adjusted to most wrist sizes - my wrist is 5" and it fits just fine.  

Available from: 

Amazon UK (£55):

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