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Sunday, 12 February 2017

SpellboundBoutique: Illustrated Magpie Pendant

I purchased this pendant last year from SpellboundBoutique on Etsy. It is called illustrated magpie silver coloured large metal pendant with glass cabochon (£12 plus £3 p&p).  The chain and pendant are silver toned. The pendant is quite substantial measuring 6cm by 4cm. The cabochon is a hand drawn magpie by Suzanne Washington, the owner of SpellbounBoutique. The back of the pendant is smooth with a swirly engraving so it doesn't matter if the pendant was to flip over without you noticing.   The chain is quite long - 50 cm so it hangs just around the bust line. 

It came in a little black gift box and was securely paced in a Jiffy bag, so if you were buying as a present you could just pop a bow on or tie a ribbon around it and it would be good to go. 

Sadly Suzanne does not have any items in her Etsy shop at the moment but she does have a digital art shop at Daisy Trail. I love my magpie  pendant because he looks so real and she has caught the wicked glint in his eye and the blue/black glossiness of  his feathers. 

illustrated magpie silver toned large metal pendant with glass cabochon.
Available from: https://www.etsy.com/transaction/1137078657

Website: http://www.suzyspellbound.com/

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  1. This is so lovely of you! I am so glad you liked the pendant! I wear this one myself as I think the Magpie is very special! I might even get motivated to make some more now! Thank you x x x