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Tuesday, 21 February 2017

The Blue Badge Company: Cat Print Permit Holder


When I first got my blue badge I kept it in this blue leather embossed case. It is functional, practical and easy to keep clean but as someone who is relatively young and likes fun, quirky and sparkly prints and clothes it is boring. I was given this cat print holder for Christnas. Made by the Blue Badge Company, the material is cloth and there are two compartments, one for the badge which you put in sideways so it doesn't fall out and another compartment for the timer. The timer slides in from the top so you can spin it round to the correct time without having to faff around taking it in and out. 

The Blue Badge Company products are handmade in the UK and do not only include blue badge permit holders but also hot water bottle covers, walking stick bags, wheat warmers and cosmetic bags. There are are range of collections and prints which include William Morris, Emma Bridgewater and the best of all Roald Dahl. There is very rarely any disability related items that can be aimed at children, even though my mum now wants the Fantastic Mr Fox permit cover for Mothers Day!

There are lots of prints which include cat, elephant, Scottie and spotty. There are also more grown upish plain leather and material permit holders as well. The great unique selling point about the Blue Badge Company is that they have turned something that is boring, and looking at my original holder which was the only style you could get for years made you different with the disabled sign on the front and made the product fun, quirky and normalised.  Several people have stopped to look/ admire the print when I have been putting my permit out and wanted to know where to get one - never happened with my original holder. 

The Blue Badge Company has made a functional, disability oriented item into a fashionable accessory and I can't wait to see what designs they bring out in the future! 

I was given my blue badge holder for Christmas by a family friend.

Available from:
bluebadge company.co.uk

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