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Friday, 31 March 2017

British Museum: Egyptian Cat Pendant

This is a novelty cat pendant for children available from the British Museum (£2.99).  The cat is based upon the famous Gayer-Anderson Egyptian sculpture in the British Museum.  This sculpture is most probably an interpretation of the cat-goddess Bastest.  

The necklace and pendant are made out of gold plated pewter.  The chain measures 16",  the pendant 1.3cm x 0.3cm.  It comes attached to an informative little card that explains what the necklace represents and is attractively packaged.  This pendant is very good value, it would make a great bring home gift from someone visiting the museum.  It is within most children's pocket money price range, isn't gimmicky and would provide  great reminder of an interesting day out at the museum.

Available from: British Museum

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