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Monday, 6 March 2017

Buckley London Jewellery Revamped & Restyled


Buckley London Jewellery was established in 1989 by Adrian Buckley.  I remember this brand being stocked in a now defunct local department store. It always seemed overly blingy rather than sparkly, the presentation boxes were always stacked up/ flung on a table and the packaging was rather dark and 1980s (this was the late 1990s/early 2000s.

Wandering through Debenhams, Market Street, Manchester, a few weeks ago my eye was caught by a sparkling ring display.  Buckley have had a makeover. The packaging is crisp and eyecatching, the ring display features sparkling faux diamonds anchoring each ring and the jewellery is well made and wearable, no longer a throwback to Dynasty or Dallas.

The jewellery is designed in th UK and made out of various metals including 18k gold plate, rhodium and silver.  The stones are swarovski and cubic zirconia. The prices are comparable to other costume jewellery designs - the ring I put at the top is £29.99.  There is currently a 70% off sale  on their website.

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