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Friday, 24 March 2017

Light Up Walking Sticks

1. This walking stick has a FM radio, emergency alarm, flash light and is rechargeable via usb. The stick is adjustable and can be collapsed so it fits in hand luggage.  It is a busy walking stick with lots of functions. The buttons appear to be placed in an odd position as that is where most people would grip the walking stick handle.

2. This is an extendable stick, is lightweight and has an led light.  Looking at the comments, even in the shortest position this stick would only be suitable for people who are 5ft3" and over.  As it is adjustable I imagine that it would be difficult to alter.  Other than that it looks great, with a strong led light and comfortable handle. 

3. This stick is not collapsible. It is 36" standard length. It is designed so that the user can see anything blocking or impeding their progress such as a kerb.  As the light is so big it would also make the user visible to others if they are outside at night.  The downside is that it is not adjustable.

A light up walking stick is great idea as is the emergency light.  If you are not average size, however, they are not much use as they are not easily adaptable.  It would be great if one of the walking stick/cane companies would bring out a small led torch that could be attached to a walking stick, then it would not matter f the stick was adaptable or not.

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