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Thursday, 9 March 2017

Rutilated Quartz Gold Ring

I purchased this rutilated Quartz ring from the handmadejewelsstore via Etsy UK. It cost £32.62. The stone is black rutile and measures 10mm. The band of the ring is 1mm. I chose the gold over sterling silver option as I thought it brought out the black strands of the stone and contrasted well with the clearness of the stone. The ring is very comfortable to wear as the band is thin. It does stand away from the finger slightly but even as someone who is forever rubbing my eyes and risks scratching my glasses it still fits close enough to my finger for this not to happen. 
I have purchased from this store before - I bought some tourmaline ear crawlers (and some opal ones that are waiting to be reciewed). The jewellery is very well made and the stones are unusual. The customer service is great. It normally takes around 2 weeks for my items to arrive in the UK.

The ring can be found here: Here

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