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Wednesday, 22 March 2017

The Library of Fragrance: Lemon Meringue & Gingerbread, Do They Smell Good Enough To Eat?

 The Library of Fragrance products are made by Demeter Fragrance Library, Inc, which is a New York company.  Established in 1996 Demeter aimed to make fragrances that captured everyday smells: the first three fragrances to be launched where Dirt, Grass and Tomato.  They now make over 300 fragrances with 101 of these being available to the UK market.  

All the fragrances are £15 but they do have special offers if you sign up to their newsletter.  The bottles are very minimalist and the packaging is functional,  

I love gourmand scents, especially ones that remind me of my favourite deserts! Lemon Meringue has a distinct lemony, zest and vanilla sweet smell without being overpowering.  It smells of both the crunchy meringue topping and the lemon centre without being artificial or smelling too sweet. It has a gentle fragrance which is just right for Spring/Summer.


I also own Gingerbread which I wore mostly around Christmas time and now every time I smell it, it reminds me of the Christmas Markets and freshly baked gingerbread. This fragrance doesn't smell cheap, sickly or artificial but really does smell as though you could eat it as it smells of warm gingerbread, spices and vanilla. This is more of a Autumn/Winter fragrance whereas Lemon Meringue is lighter and more summery.

Other delicious sounding fragrances include Chocolate Covered Cherries, Cinnamon Bun and Chocolate Chip Cookie.
The fragrances are available from their own website and Boots online. Selected fragrances are also available in certain Boots stores.

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Available from:
The Library of Fragrance

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