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Sunday, 23 April 2017

The Sheikh's Bought Wife by Sharon Kendrick: A Review. #MillsandBoonInsiders

The Sheikh's Bought Wife, written by Sharon Kendrick is part of a Mills and Boon Arc.   Zayed Al Zawba, the hero , handsome sheikh, needs to marry someone within 6 months to comply with the terms of his Grandfather's will, whist Dr Jane Smith, the plain Jane academic need money, and fast to save her sister, Cleo from money sharks.  They have an intriguing/complex relationship. She is disinterested in him which in turn irritates and fascinates him as normally everyone bows down to him.  The book follows them entering into married life and learning to live together.  On paper this should have been a great read and normally I love SK's books but something was missing, for me, in this book.   It was too formulaic to give it 5/5 but it is still a worthy 4.5.  

I got this through NetGallery in exchange for a review as I am a #MillsandInsider but this did not affect my blog post on the book itself.  

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