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Sunday, 28 May 2017

Kneipp 100 ml Stress Free Herbal Bath Oil

I have a fused neck, degenerative spinal condition, neuropathic pain, pins in my shoulder, damaged rotary cuff and ripped muscles in my shoulder so I am ball of permenant pain. I am always on the look out for anything that can relax the muscles in my shoulder and give me any relief - I already take morphine patches. I find hot baths relaxing but I am always searching for that little bit extra to help me sleep and take the edge off my pain. I was looking through Amazon and saw Kneipp bath products.  They have great reviews so I thought I would buy the stress free bath oil.

Kneipp was founded in 1891 by Priest Sebastian Kneipp.  Kneipp stress free herbal bath oil  (100ml), mandarin and orange essential oils Combines colour and aromatherapy to create the ultimate relaxing, de-stressing bathing experience aimed at reducing anxiety,  vtibrant colour therapy - the bath is filled with a vibrant range colour and bubbles designed to combat tension and stress. does help de-stress, with aromatherapy.   Mandarin and orange essential oils are known for their relaxing qualities and also harmonise the body and mind. The oil smells divine. You only need a tiny amount of the oil (one cap full) and then soak in the bath for 15 -20 minutes to get the full relaxing, de stressing  experience.  The oil leaves skin soft, supple and smelling gently of oranges.  100ml will do approximately 10 baths.  The oil does not contain parafin, silicones or mineral oil.

I really enjoyed using this oil. The bath wasn't slippy when I got in/out. I had a good nights sleep after using it and my shoulder did feel more relaxed. I would certainly recommend it if you have muscular pain or problems or trouble sleeping.

If you wanted to try their bath products they also sell a mini set which looks great for travelling, I will be trying these over the summer.

I purchased this item myself and love it. The views expressed in my blog are my own.

Available from: Amazon UK (rrp £9.95 including delivery with Prime).

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