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Thursday, 22 June 2017

Astley Clarke Mini Moon Ring in Vermeil Yellow Gold

My mum gave me this Mini Moon Biography Vermeil ring in yellow gold for passing my law degree. Currently £45 in the sale, the ring is pave set with white sapphires and the setting and band is 18ct yellow gold plated sterling silver.  The ring measures 8x3mm and can be worn alone or stacked with other rings.  It fits flat against my finger so there is no risk that I will scratch my glasses when I rub my eye - that was a very expensive mistake and I haven't worn that ring again.  It has a very thin band and is so light I can forget I am wearing it, which is important for me as I find wearing certain rings painful due to neuropathic pain in my hands.  The moon is supposed to symbolise enlightenment which is why I chose it as a graduation present.  There are also matching items - a pendant and earrings and all these items are also available in sterling silver.  

I ordered the ring from AC's online store, it was very easy to navigate and the customer service was excellent. I decided I wanted to change ring size and they changed it immediately.   It came securely packaged within 3 days of ordering it.  There is a grey pouch and jewellery box  to keep it in.   I really like AC jewellery. I have pieces I have bought from their online store and via eBay and they always look stylish, timeless and wear well.  I have, of course bookmarked the matching earrings for my birthday!

Available from Astley Clarke

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