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Thursday, 8 June 2017

Disney Pinnochio: Figaro & Cleo Stud Earrings

This Blog post reviews these Disney (Pinocchio) Figaro and Cleo 10mm silver plated stud earrings. I bought them from Rockshaw Accessories via eBay UK for £3.70 inc p&p. They are handmade and so detailed. Figaro and Cleo both look inwards as though they are looking at the wearer. They are so light and comfortable to wear. Even though they are butterfly fastenings they are easy to fasten and feel secure once the butterfly back is clipped in place. They fit close to the ear so you don't risk losing them if they snag in long hair etc.  Customer service was great. They arrived within 3 days of purchase and were well packaged in a Jiffy bag, bubble wrap and a business card inside. There were lots of other Disney designs, so well worth checking out.

Available from: eBay.co.uk

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