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Monday, 5 June 2017

June Birthstone: Pearl, Alexandrite & Moonstone

June is only one two of months which has 3 birthstones.  June birthdays have a choice of alexandrite, pearl or moonstone.  

Alexandrite was the official gemstone of Imperial Russia as it changes from green to red.  A comparatively late starter in the gemstone world, it was discovered in 1834 in the Russian emerald mines located in the Ural mountains.  It was found on the same day Alexander II came of age, hence the name.  Alexandrite is a chameleon gemstone as the colour shifts from emerald to ruby.  It is now mined mostly in Brazil, Sri Lanka and East Africa,  Alexandrite is supposed to help concentration and learning, inspire imagination, intuition and improve creativity.

Pearls are the only gemstones made by living creatures (mollusks).  The most expensive pearls are a creamy white with an iridescent sheen. Cultured pearls can be dyed any colour. Black pearls are mostly purple, green or silver dyed black as authentic black pearls are very rare and very expensive. Natural pearling is now mostly confined to the Persian Gulf.  Australia has one of the few diving fleets, harvesting pearls in the Indian ocean.  Fresh water pearls come from China.  Pearls symbolise purity and innocence.    

Moonstone was named by the Roman natural historian Phiny who felt that the colours in moonstone shifted in sync with the moon.  The most expensive moonstones (colourless with a blue hue)  are mined in Sri Lanka.  Moonstones are also mined in India, Madagascar, US and Australia.  It is a relative weak stone, prone to cracking.  As per the name, moonstone is associated with lunar energy, mystic and magic.  It is supposed to have calming, balancing energies. It is rumoured to be the ultimate fertility crystal, sparking new relationships and reigniting old ones.  Moonstone is also known as the traveller's stone and is believed to protect travellers at night.  It is used to ward off insomnia,  sleepwalking, encourage a good nights sleep.

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