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Friday, 2 June 2017

Sticks & Stones: Butterflies

Spring has officially sprung and summer here on 20th June so I thought I would look for a summery but not flowery theme for this months sticks and stones. So the theme is .... butterflies. I have often wished I could fly off looking all elegant and colourful, the downside to being a butterfly is that you only live for a day.  I have included the obligatory walking stick/ umbrella. Very pretty and eyecatching but I don't  think I would depend on it for support but would use it to help with balance. Some of the sticks are collapsible so harder to cut down if you are a shorty like me, but the non collapsible ones are easier to adjust as the end can be sawn off (I take mine to my local independent shoemakers or Timpsons). All the links can be found below 

I found some really pretty accessories and jewellery, all of which can be used to jazz up your Autumn /Winter wardrobe. I especially like the bug/ butterfly scarf as it shows bugs can be pretty too!

Available from:
Handbag sized Walking Stick - Butterfly (£22.41)
Danielle Butterfly Print Zoomer Cane (£20.45)
Classic Canes, Blue Paisley & Butterflies (£27.99)
Verko Butterfly Print Cane (£36)
Offset Handle Butterfly Walking Cane (£50)
Folding Walking Stick - Butterfly Print
Large Butterflies & Mountains Walking Stick and Umbrella (£26.50)
Chamilia: One in a million
Chamilia: Flutter
Women's Butterfly & floral scarf (£4)
Butterfly & insect scarf (£17)
Butterfly Scarf (£16)
Blue & turquoise butterfly pendant (£78)
Cath Kidston Enamel Butterfly Pendant

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