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Friday, 9 June 2017

Yokono Jamaica 203 Sandals

 I have small, bony feet and coupled with neuropathic pain I find it difficult to find comfortable, stylish sandals that hide my toes!  

Yokono are a Spanish footwear firm that have been making shoes, sandals and boots for men, women, children and babies since 1981.  They now sell in 35 countries.  They focus on quality, trends and comfort.  Yokono also supports various initiatives aimed at improving society.

I first shopped in Jake Shoes when it was a tiny shop in Barton Arcade, Manchester.  It has since moved in to the Arndale Centre (Unit 20) and is a much roomier store with a lot more choice.  They now also have a web shop so it is easier (for me) to browse online and compare styles before I go in to the actual shop. 

I purchased the Yoknono Jamaica 203 sandals in fuchsia and tan (youths 2 UK) as they are the onlu sandals that I have found that are stylish, comfortable and do not make my feet feel as though they are being ripped to shreds as soon as I put them on.  They are kids/children's sandals and come in sizes 7 UK to 2.5 UK. The cost £29.99.  The upper and lining are made of leather and the inside has a suede feel.  They "fit" to your feet like birkenstock do so if you get the wrong size they will be uncomfortable.  My feet do not swear in these sandals as it is absorbed by the foot bed.  The leather straps do not rub the back of my ankle and fit comfortably across the top of my foot.  My toes feel protected by the pieces of leather and they do not rub them.  There is a cute little ladybird stamped into the ankle strap and Yokono is embossed on the buckle.  The sandal bed is a contrasting colour to the sandal.


I ordered the fuchsia pair on a bank holiday Saturday and  got them the following Thursday. I ordered the tan pair on that Thursday and got them the following Tuesday. Postage was free. There is a chat function on their website and I got motivation of dispatch, tracking numbers etc. I have also shopped in store and the assistants have been helpful without hassling me.

Even though they are children's sandals they look stylish and would go with jeans or a long floaty dress.  Yokono also do adult shoes and sandals which are stylish and comfortable.

I purchased these items myself and the views expressed in this blog post are my own.
Yokono website
Jake Website

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