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Sunday, 16 July 2017

Gardman Kids Wild Bird Feeding Station

As I have several chronic and degenerative diseases I spend a lot of time in bed. I wanted something I could watch from my window when I was lying in bed bored which would distract me from the pain.  I bought the Gardman's kids wild bird feeder, as it was cheap, bright and eye catching from Amazon.  It was easy to slot together, just three metal poles which screwed together and the top with the hooks for the feeders which slotted into place. The instruction were clear.  You can put the feeder in soil as it has a pointy end but I bought the patio stand so I can move the feeder around and after trying both it seems more stationary and secure.  It also came with a little bird bath, feeding tray for seed and feeding station to hold fat balls.  The bath slides on to the metal pole and can be positioned wherever you want as can the feeding tray.  The feeder just flips open and you put the fat balls in.  I also bought the wild bird seed feeder, as the fat balls were not going down very well with my visiting birds.  The top just unscrews and you pour the nuts/seeds in, then refasten the lid.

So far the only birds who use it are three wood pigeons.  It is fun to watch them flying back and forth snacking, and complaining when they do not like what is on offer! I am pleased I bought it and enjoy watching them and their antics when I am lying in bed feeling sorry for myself.

I purchased these items myself and the items expressed in my blog are my own.

Amazon UK:

Gardmans Kids Wild Bird Seed Feeder (£4.99 add on with Prime).
Gardmans Feeding Station Patio Stand (£20.38 with Prime).

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