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Thursday, 27 July 2017

Melanie Tomlinson Hokusai Japanese Bird Brooches

Melanie Tomlinson has designed three Japanese bird brooches for the British Museum  Hokusai: Beyond the Great Wave exhibition.  This is her fourth collaboration with the museum and all three designs are sold exclusively by them.  I have reviewed her brooches on a previous blog post but wanted to write a blog post about these three pieces as they are so unique and well though out, using metal and a hand printed design inspired by the artist, Katsushika Hokusai.  

The cuckoo brooch is £45 (£40.50 British Museum members), measures 7cmx6cm and is made from hand painted metal.  I like it, but not as much as the Japanese Robin which is my favourite.

The Japanese robin has been re-imagined in to this adorable brooch.  As with the other two brooches, i is £45(£40.50 for members of the British Museum) and is made from hand painted  metal. it measures 7cmx6cm and I would wear this both as a brooch and use my necklace converter  to make it into a statement necklace.  I think this brooch looks cute and cuddly. 

The hawfinch (same details and measurements as the other two brooches) has a cheeky little glint in it's eye.  It looks as though it is eyeing the wearer suspiciously!

All three bird brooches are eye catching and unusual, a talking point and a wearable memory of  the exhibition itself.

Available from:
Cuckoo Brooch
Japanese Robin

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