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Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Wet brush-pro are EPIC and are a Mini Spa For Your Hair!

I purchased both the EPIC PROFESSIONAL Wet brush-pro Deluxe Shine (£17.32) and Deluxe Detangler  (£16.72) from Amazon UK.  

The brush-pro range is their elite line of hair brushes, designed for professionals.  EPIC is their acronym for the brush-pro key attributes: Elite; Professionals; Inspired and Creative.  

The Deluxe Shine is the larger of the two brushes. It is a paddle brush which has a very soft bed for the bristles so they do not tug or snag your hair.  The shine comes from the bristles combining  a blend of 100% boar bristles with the Wet brush's patented IntelliFlex bristles, which detangle whilst the boar bristles add shine, luster and remove impurities from the scalp.  This combination of bristles boosts the scalp's circulation and spreads the hair's natural oils from roots to tip, leaving your hair shiny, manageable and healthier.   This brush is also supposed to work well with dry shampoos, enhancing the shampoo by cleansing and purify your hair with every brush stroke.  

The Deluxe Detangler is the smaller of the two brushes.  the bed of the brush is not as soft and bouncy as the shine brush, it feels firmer as I brush it through my hair.  Ergonomically designed, the brush has a longer and stronger handle which is great for me as I have difficulty reaching the top of my head.  The brush head has been redesigned, with a larger bristle and cushion area which allows the brush to glide through more hair with one swipe and "maximise detangling efficiency and enables faster styling with less breakage.  The bristles are IntelliFlex bristles which allows tangles and knots to be brushed out easily with little or no pulling, tugging, ripping out of hair or pain. I had a huge knot at the back of my hair (where my arm cannot reach) and even my normal Wet brush was struggling to de-knot it.  My mum, using the Deluxe Detangler managed to get the knot out in a few swipes without having to pull out any hair, so it definitely works!

The EPIC range of Wet brush-pro are like mini spas for the hair and scalp.  Both the brushes glide through my hair, and with a few swipes my hair was brushed and my scalp felt massaged.  My scalp feels as though I have had my hair brushed at a salon as my scalp actually feels as though the bristles have got through to the scalp (my hair is very thick) and massaged it.

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