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Friday, 1 September 2017

Book Review: Secrets Of The A-List (Episode 1)

Secrets Of the A-List by Joss Wood is a 12 part series following the wealthy Marshall family.  Part 1 introduces all the main characters and gives an insight in to relationships within the family itself whilst the family comes to terms with the fact that the patriarch: Harrison, has been in a serious car accident and that if he survives he may be seriously brain damaged. Mariella, his wife and their children, Rafe, Luc and Elana plus their cousin Gabe all have secrets that they do not want to be revealed.  The shadowy "Fixer" who has a murky relationship with Harrison also lurks in the background with his own story to tell.

 I received my copy from NetGalley and Mills and Boon via #Mills and Boon Insiders, but this does not influence my opinions as all opinions are my own.

Available from Amazon UK for free to download to your Kindle here
Part of the first 4 books bundled together £1.99 from M&B website or Amazon UK

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