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Thursday, 7 September 2017

Sass & Belle Dove Photo Frame into DIY Mirror

I am currently updating and trying to improve my dressing table, blog and instagram photos. I have looked at several other blogs and copper/ rose gold is definitely a trend, but I wanted an Art Deco type mirror to reflect the back of my jewellery photos.  All the ones I could find were way to big or doll house size. I saw this photo frame by Sass & Belle on Amazon and thought how cute it was- but I don't do photos! I wondered if it was possible to convert the frame into a mirror, so to try it out, bought some A6 mirror cards which are luckily the right size, took the piece of paper out of the frame and replaced it with the card. I think the look is effective. If I were to try this again in order to get a better mirror reflection,  I would buy an actual mirror and gorilla glue it on to the top of the glass part of the frame rather than fit it underneath.

Available from:
Sass & Belle Cream Robin Photo Frame  £10.25
School Mirrors A6 x 10  £9.99

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