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Saturday, 28 October 2017

Little Print Jewellery: Paw Print Bracelet


I was lucky enough to win a Twitter retweet competition run by Little Print Jewellery & Accessories, an Etsy store, which makes sterling silver handmade, bespoke print jewellery and Liberty print gifts, The prize, much to my cat's annoyance, was a sterling silver paw print bracelet (£60).  

LPJ make their paw print jewellery with inkless wipe kits.  The paw is wiped with a wet wipe, to clean it, any stray hairs are trimmed off, the inkless wipe is then swiped over the paw and the paw placed firmly on the paper provided.  The wipe is colourless but the paw print that is pressed onto the paper comes up black.  It looks so easy when consulting Youtube videos (which use a dog) and reading the instructions. Not so easy when you are trying to persuade a very large cat to cooperate!  LPJ does offer to come to your home if you live close to her (sadly I don't) but I do think that is a great selling point.  I managed to get one half way decent paw print which I sent off.  

The paw print is made into jewellery using Precious Metal Clay.  PMC contains small silver particles, a non-toxic organic binder and water.  It looks like potters clay.   The paw print image is converted into photo polymer plates and placed in the clay.  Once the print has been embedded into it and the hand engraving completed, the clay is fired in a kiln.  The organic binder is burned off and the silver is left.  Once the item has been fired it is polished and finished off by hand.  The whole process takes about 2 weeks. 

The bespoke paw print jewellery by LPJ starts at £60 for a small sterling silver charm which can be made in a variety of shapes: round, oval, tear drop, heart shaped, rectangle and square.  Other items include a larger charm (£70), cuff links (£120), necklace with an 18" fine linked chain(£110) and key ring (£120).  They can all be made in the variety of shapes I already listed and they are made from sterling silver.

The paw print charm comes on a Liberty print bracelet which fastens with a little heart shaped pearl button which is then knotted.  The item arrived in an embossed blue gift box.  I love it and as my bracelet is a bespoke piece I will always treasure it.  Communication and LPJ customer service was excellent and I would recommend them if you wanted print jewellery.  They not only make pet jewellery but also make baby/children's bespoke print jewellery as well.   They also make Liberty print accessories - butterfly barrettes, liberty print charm bracelets etc which are very reasonable priced. 

I won the item but that does not affect my review.  

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