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Sunday, 1 October 2017

Review: ASOS Anna Sui Gel Foundation Primer, Illuminating BB Cream & Makeup Tin Gift Set


This makeup tin gift set tin by Anna Sui is just £5 and would make a great stocking filler.  The tin is still available to purchase by itself for £5 so you are getting the mini gel foundation(6g)  and mini illuminating beauty balm in 002 medium beige (5ml) for free.  Both these items give a glow to the complexion.

The mini gel foundation primer leaves a very pearlized, glowy finish to the skin.  It is infused with the rose tea fragrance associated with Anna Sui. I could smell the fragrance as I applied the primer but it soon faded away. I found that a little went a long way! This is marketed as a hydrating primer inspired by the texture of blancmange (it is a very spongy consistency).  It should conceal  pores  - looking at the middle picture of my forehead they are reduced but not concealed.  The primer should intensively moisturise leaving a dewy, and supple complexion.  As my skin is oily did leave my skin glowing but it slid off my face slowly throughout the day, taking my foundation with it.  I can see this primer being great for people with dry skin as it would provide a boost of moisture and leave their skin glowy.

The illuminating beauty balm is infused with tea rose - Anna Sui's signature scent.  This BB  cream acts as sun block, it has an SPF of  30/ PA+++, and also claims to act as a primer, foundation and skin care.  I wore this by itself and as used it as a primer.

Using it as a primer I found that it did not increase the longevity of my makeup.  My skin is very oily and the BB cream is very dewy, glowy and hydrating as it contains shea butter - the foundation, cream and my skin did not react well together at all. I do think, however, that it would be great for someone with dry skin due to the hydrating properties

Foundation wise  there are 4 shades - 00 clear, 01 light beige, 02 beige and 03 dark beige. I used it by itself instead of foundation, As you can see in the pictures of my forehead  I found that it is very sheer in coverage. It is supposed to leave a smooth velvety porcelain finish - my skin did not look as red, the pores and fine lines had diminished but it did not look particularly velvety.  

The BB cream is also supposed to have skin care properties.  The shea butter adds hydration and moisturisation (it did), lychee honey extract to smooth skin, it did, my fine lines were not as noticeable and sweet fig extract is included to help fight bacteria that causes acne.

The tin itself is very pretty and could be used to store makeup samples, jewellery or any bits and bobs.

This set is marketed as a duo to provide a healthy, dewy flawless complexion.  As my skin is very oily I did not find it worked that well with my skin type.

I purchased this item myself.
It is available here: ASOS

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  1. Thanks for this review! I've been trying without success to find out what's in this tin. Asos keeps telling me they'll find out and get back to me, but it's been 9 days.

    Looks like a fun gift at that price, even if the products aren't fantastic.