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Thursday, 23 November 2017

Fox & Ivy Set of Two Nested Glass Jewellery Boxes

There is a definite trend in jewellery boxes this Winter 2017.  Glass and copper terrarium style trinket boxes are the "in" style. Beloved  by both instagrammers and bloggers as the boxes are certainly photogenic, they combine two key elements- rose gold and glass.

They certainly aren't a cheap purchase, I found some copper/ glass trays and boxes at Debenhams, for example, where prices range from £24 - 30.  Paperchase have a triangular terrarium jewellery box for £20, but the jewellery can only go no the bottom, there are no shelves so there is a huge amount of wasted space.  Urban Outfitters has some really cool divided coloured glass trinket boxes (£24), but still expensive items.  There are some gorgeous ones available on EBay but there is no guarantee they will get here for Christmas and stock photos can be very deceiving. 

I was wandering through my local Tesco Extra and noticed that they have a variety of glass, terrarium  style trinket boxes under the brand Ivy & Fox. The prices are reasonable - I got a set of 2 for £15.  They are a nice size - the larger box measures 14cm (W)x 12cm(L) x 7cm (H).  The smaller one measures 10cm (W)x 5m (H) x 9cm (L).  They are well made and the lid stayed up when opened so no risk of it crashing down on fingers as you reach for a piece of jewellery.   As there are 2 in each set you could keep one and give the other as a Christmas/Birthday/whatever gift or keep them both for yourself. There were lots of other lovely jewellery boxes on display on my local Tesco including a blue shabby chic mini dresser style box, so it is well worth a browse.

I purchased this item myself and all views expressed in this blog are my own. 

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