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Thursday, 4 January 2018

Beak & Claws: Nails Inc "NailKale" Bruton Mews

Nails Inc Nail Kale in Bruton Mews is £15 for 14ml.  The NailKale range is made with kale extract, which is known for it's high levels of vitamins A,C and K which encourage and stimulate keratin making nails brighter, stronger, healthier and smoother.  The nail polish is deeply nourishing and is supposed to help prevent breakage and splitting. The Nials Inc NailKale range is 5-Free (Formaldehyde, Toluene, DBP, Formaldehyde Resin, Camphor).  

Bruton Mews is a gorgeous deep wintry forest, leafy green.  I chose this colour to review as it pairs so well with the traditional winter colours - burgundy, deep brown etc which I love wearing.  It applies very easily and smoothly.  No bubbles etc.  It dries to a high gloss shine.

As my neck is totally fused  I cannot look down and I also lack hand/eye coordination and spatial awareness.  This means I find it near impossible to paint my own nails and normally rely on others to do it for me.  If I am going to try and do it myself it takes a lot of patience, a near melt down, angled mirrors - so I can see what I am doing and a nail polish remover pen to erase my mistakes.  The size of the brush, wand, lid -(gripability and comfort when holding the brush matters) and consistency of the polish are all important considerations if I am going to paint my nails myself.  I did do my nails myself for these photos.  They may look a slightly slap dash but they took ages and I put a lot of effort into them!

The bottle is quite heavy and concave.  There is a silver lid that, when removed, reveals the brush and another smaller black plastic ribbed cap. The bottle itself is very chunky and squat so it is hard to knock it over.  It is annoying having 2 lids to take off.  The brush is curved and broad with a paddle design, so fits nicely into the nail bed, close to the cuticle creating a clean line and across the nail.  One swipe covers the whole nail.  The wand/lid is very short and I find it harder to grip than the Paul and Joe Beaute one.  I also feel there is more potential for smudging as the brush wand is closer to the nails and I can't always see where it is when I am holding it and trying to aim for my nails! The consistency of the polish is nice- thick and pigmented and easy to control with the brush.  Two coats and the colour is opaque.

Unless stated otherwise I purchased the item myself.  I use NailHQ All in One as my base and top coat for all my reviews.
Available at Nails Inc

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