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Monday, 29 January 2018

Beaks & Claws: Anna Sui Shiny Coral Cattleya lipstick (301)

Anna Sui Shiny Coral Cattleya lipstick is £23 and is available from both Amazon UK and BeautyBay.com.  Anna Sui have recently revamped their lipstick line. Stars are out whilst roses and butterflies are in.  I think that whilst the lipstick cases are not necessarily travel friendly - I would be gutted if the butterfly got broken off the top of the case or flowers got scratched whilst in transit but they look incredibly elegant and almost like a piece of art to be displayed on a vanity or dressing table.  

The new lipsticks are available in full and sheer pigment.  The sheer range is available in sheer and glitter shades.  My Coral Cattleya lipstick is glittery and can feel a bit gritty when first applied.  I have worn this alone and pared with another new lipstick - the Paul and Joe 106,  Rue Cermieux. This combination gives my lips more pigment , makes them glossy, glittery and look a lot fuller.  The lipstick has a slight tea rose scent but this fades away quite quickly.

Available from Amazon UK and BeautyBay.com

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