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Wednesday, 17 January 2018

Kneipp Deep Sleep Mineral Bath Salt

Kneipp was founded in 1891 by Priest Sebastian Kneipp.  Combining colour and aromatherapy to create the ultimate holistic experience,  Kneipp Valerian and Hops Deep Sleep Mineral Bath Salt is made with thermal mineral bath salt and the essential oils of Valerian Root and Hops extract.  The Salt is supposed to slow down your racing, over stimulated mind and promote a deep, restorative unbroken sleep.  The bath crystals turn the water blue.  This is not just for aesthetic purposes.  Kneipp uses colour therapy as well as aromatherapy and blue with its cooler tones helps promote relaxation, peace and serenity.  Blue is also used to help with insomnia as it is supposed to calm the mind and promote sleep.

I found my bath relaxing. I enjoyed the blue water, I felt as though I was on a large relaxing pool, not  a small cramped bath,  and I did feel calm and relaxed after a hard day sales shopping in Manchester! and I did get a good night's sleep. It wasn't unbroken but that is down to the amount of pain I am in and the fact I have to wake up to turn over. I did feel more refreshed the next morning. I haven't had an unbroken night of sleep in 18 years since I broke my neck so I wasn't expecting a like changing miracle but I was pleasantly surprised by how much benefit I got from using these salts. The downside to these salts is the smell.  They have citronella in them which can be overpowering and bit off putting. I put some lavender salt in to hide the smell.

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Amazon UK - £8.95 500g

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