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Thursday, 11 January 2018

Metallic Purple Handbag Sized Folding Walking Stick by Charles Buyers

This is an update of the previous review I did on this walking stick when I first started my blog. My original review can be found here.  The stick still costs )24.95 plus postage. I still enjoy using this stick, so much so that I have also purchased it in in black.  I also have purchased several more in both colours to use personalise my own walking sticks.  I find the handle comfortable to hold - my hands are only small so sometimes the handles are to big to comfortably grip for long periods of time.  The stick itself is lightweight and sturdy. My original stick still looks pristine and the colour hasn't chipped off despite being dropped on numerous occasions. 

I still purchase these, and all my other walking sticks from the stick and cane shop as they provide excellent  customer service and will advise which sticks can be adapted to my height. 

I purchased this item myself. 


  1. I really didn't know you could get jazzy coloured walking sticks, at least it can make the user feel good about having to use one.....

  2. this looks like a really useful walking stick, I like that it folds up.