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Sunday, 8 April 2018

Astrid & Miyu Rose Gold Horseshoe Ear Cuff

I have always been fascinated by ear piercings and promised myself one day I would have several piercings in my ears. Unfortunately life got in the way and due to my neuropathic pain I cannot have any more piercings - I have just the one in both my ear lobes.  Astrid & Miyu have created adjustable ear cuffs that don't need your ears to be pierced.  I first came across A&M when they had a jewellery subscription service (the secret box). I was always pleased with both the quality of their jewellery (was gutted when they finished it and I still have the little blue and cream boxes knocking around somewhere) and their customer service.   I follow them on Instagram and saw they had a Black Friday Sale (late last year) so I went ahead and purchased the rose gold horseshoe ear cuff (£39).   

The rose gold option is rose gold plated onto brass with diamant√© accents on the cuff itself.  There is also an adorable delicate little star charm dangling from it.  The cuff is part of the Charm Addiction collection and is also available in silver, gunmetal and gold. They are designed to be worn individually or layered up to together or combined with A&M's other ear cuffs or earrings. The Charm Addiction collection combines and has been inspired by both classic charms with a laid back LA twist and by A&M's minimalistic Nordic and Japanese aesthetics.

To put the cuff on your ear you gently pull the sides of the cuff apart until there is enough of a gap that you can fit it over the top or side of your ear.  You then place the open cuff on the top of the ear, slide it down to where you want it positioned and squeeze the sides of the cuff until it feels securely in place. I have worn it at the top of my ear lobe and further down, the star looks elegant hanging from the high point of your ear or more relaxed further down. As I do have problems with my hands I did find it difficult at first to open the cuff but once I had done it a few times I found it a lot easier to manage. I cannot reach up high enough to put it over the top of my ear myself, I have to get someone else to do that for me but once it has been moved down to where I can reach it I find it easy to squeeze the sides into position.

I like my cuff and get lots of comments and questions about where I got it from when I wear it. The gift box it came in will make a great travel Jewellery box.  I will most probably get the gunmetal version in their next sale.  A&M have a great collection of minimalistic and stylish ear cuffs and matching jewellery items.

I purchased this item myself and it is available at Astrid & Miyu's flagship store and online.

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