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Thursday, 19 April 2018

Beak & Claws: Anna Sui Orchid Nail Polish

As the imagery and name of my blog is centred around a sparklingly magpie I decided decided to name my lipstick and nail polish series "Beak and Claws". Beak relates to the lipstick portion, claws to the polish. I purchased this Anna Sui nail polish in Orchid (no 202) as an add on to my Amazon UK order - £4.01 (8ml). The RRP is £11.  

Orchid nail polish is a very summery pastel purple shade.   The nail polish contains olive oil, raspberry fruit extract and grape fruit extract in order to maintain and hydrate nails and keep them looking healthy.  The polish is supposed to be be streak free with a high shone finish. The polish dries in thick layers and claims to have a quick drying, streak free formula which, due to the flexibility and thickness of the polish isn't supposed to chip or crack and instead last for a long time.  The polish has a high shine finish. 

  I found that I needed 3 coats of polish to make the polish completely opaque as it had a tendency to look streaky, despite claims that the brush is designed to prevent streakiness.   It dried really quickly, I didn't need to use any quick drying drops and it definitely has a high shine finish. In my pictures I have not applied a top coat and my nails look very glossy. I like the shape and length of the brush. The brush fits nicely over the nail and the wand is long enough that I am not concerned that it will touch my other nails when I am using it. 

The bottle is very elegant, vintagesque and fits in well with the overall Anna Sui aesthetic. . Shaped like a crown, the wand is black and comfortable to hold. The glass base makes it easy to see the colour of the varnish. 

I purchased this item myself and the views expressed in this blog are my own. I always use the same base coat Nail HQ All in One to ensure a fair comparison of longevity etc of the polish I am reviewing. 

 Available here.        


  1. That's a really pretty colour. I wear purples a lot, and as the weather gets more summery, I do tend to lighten them accordingly.

  2. Sounds perfect for summer - love the COLOUR