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Sunday, 6 May 2018

Book Review: A Bride For The Playboy Prince (3in1 M&B)

A Bride For The Playboy Prince is a Mills & Boon 3 in 1 anthology published to celebrate  the imminent Royal Wedding.   The three authors are popular heavy weight Mills & Boon regulars and each story is glamourous, passionate but also gives an insight into how relationships work.  Each story stays true to the them of the collection and if you haven't read any of these authors' novels before it provides a great introduction to their work and style of writing.

Crowned for the Prince's Heir by Sharon Kendrick reworks and brings life and humour to an age old theme: a elationship going nowhere, one last encounter and an unexpected pregnancy.  In this case Lisa Bailey is a fashion designer who breaks off her relationship with Luciano Leonidas, a Mordovian Prince as the romance is going nowhere.  They meet a few years  later and have a one night stand (whilst he is on the cusp of proposing a politically advantageous marriage to a neighbouring princess), Lisa becomes pregnant.  Luc discovers the pregnancy when he sees her modelling her pregnancy clothing range in the press. Luc is determined his child will be born into wedlock, the only flaw in his plan is having to get Lisa to agree!

Luc has been brought up by palace employees- nannies and governesses and so  is all about doing his duty whilst Lisa is determined to protect her heart at all costs due to her childhood. The birth of their baby girl is the first time Luc has experienced unconditional love.   Misunderstandings, conflict and stubbornness are rife. will they get their happily ever after.

Lisa is strong willed but likable, Luc can come accross as obnoxious and haughty because as a Orince he is used to getting his own way.  A well written book which makes it easy to connect with the characters and the storyline.

The Ice Prince by Sandra Marton is the first book in the Orsini Brides collection.  I have read this before and didn't really enjoy it. Anna Orsini has been sent to Sicily by her father, Cesare, a member of the mob,  to sort out ownership over a strip of disputed land that her father claims belongs to her mother but is in fact owned by Draco. Cesare was trying to play matchmaker between Anna and Prince  Draco Valenti.  They first meet on the plane to Italy and the sparks certainly fly.  Draco is shocked to find out that the woman he has had heated moments under the plane blanket is actually the belongs to a family involved in crime (she has in fact made it clear she will not be drawn into her father's and families activities).

Anna comes across to the reader as prickly, rude and generally unlikeable.  Insisting she has to fly business class and Draco should give up one of his seats makes her appear self absorbed and spoilt whilst Draco is portrayed as the stereotypical  Italian do not make the characters catch my imagination or make we not want to put the book down but carry on until I finish.This book hasn't aged well, faxes,  laptops, solitaire etc spoilt the tone, setting and background of the book whilst the two main characters seemed forced and didn't gell together.

At His Majesty's Request by Maisey Yates is the the final book in this Royal anthology.  Jessica Carter is a matchmaker tasked with finding Prince Drakos Stavros (of the mythical Greek Island of Kyonos) a wife. Drakos is a rich, entitled Greek Prince who doesn't believe in love.  He has a list of qualities he requires in a wife, the most important being to provide him with heirs. Jessica is sarcastic, loves wearing vintage rather than couture clothing is the polar opposite to Drakos, who unfortunately finds her rather than her "suitable" socialite candidates attractive and exciting.  Health issues and experiences with an unsympathetic ex-husband have left Jessica wary of relationships. Will Drakos need for heirs scupper their romance?

As usual Maisey Yates does not disappoint. She jumps right in to the story line, creating feisty, complicated characters that need to go through a journey before they can succeed in their relationships.  She creates scenes that are humourous, heartrending and relatable which is why I always enjoy her work.

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I received this book via Netgalley and Mills and Boon in exchange for an honest review,  I am a #millsandbooninsider #ABrideForThePlayboyPrince #Netgalley 

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