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Saturday, 5 May 2018

Book Review: Conquering His Virgin Queen by Pippa Roscoe

Conquering His Virgin Queen by Pippa Roscoe is part of the Mills & Boon Modern imprint.  Odir Farouk is about to become King and needs to win his wife, Eloise,  back. She left him 6 months ago due to his distrust of her after a misunderstanding over a scene he witnessed between her and his brother. Distance and a lack of communication between the pair of them also hindered the development of their marriage of convenience into a meaningful relationship. The pair of them have to overcome the influence of their parents if their second chance at marriage is to succeed.  Odir will have to overcome his fear of love (after seeing his father fall apart after losing his mother) and Eloise will have to come to terms with her mother's addiction to painkillers after her father leaves her alone and unloved for years on end. 

The story takes place over a period of around 12 hours and incorporates flashbacks to their pasts. It is well written and interesting to see a fast paced storyline crammed into such a short space of time. 

I received this book via Netgalley and Mills and Boon in exchange for a honest review,  I am a #MillsandBooninsider #conqueringhisvirginqueen


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