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Thursday, 10 May 2018

Brita Fill & Go Vital Water Filter Bottle

I was lucky enough to be selected by Comeround (a company that links registered users to promotions and campaigns in exchange for feedback, free or reduced priced products and sometimes a small payment for your time).  to try out the revamped Brita Fill & Go Vital Water Filtet Bottle (£23.94, currently on offer for £12.95 plus free delivery via Amazon UK).  I did receive the product free of charge but this did not influence my review as I already use the older version and wanted one any to compare them and see how the bottle had been improved.  Each pack includes a bottle, MicroDisc and instructions.  Each disc can filter up to 150 litres of water, a refill pack costs  £14.30 for 3 discs. The bottle is BPA free, holds 600ml of water and fits a normal size cup holder. It has a flip top lid, the mouthpiece/nozzle is pull out and the bottle is dishwasher safe. 

Before using the Fill & Go bottle for the first time it should be cleaned without the micro disc, in either mild detergent and warm water or the dishwasher. To prepare the MicroDisc  take the it out of the packaging and soak in warm water for one minute in order to remove any carbon dust that has accumulated  and ensure the water flow is optimised. To maintain optimum hygiene the MicroDisc should be cleaned once a week using boiling water poured over the Disc which should be placed in a cup or dish. Make sure the disc is fully submerged for five minutes. Remove and reinstall. Replace the Disc once a month. Insert the micro disc by opening the lid, unscrewing the disc cover anti clockwise  and inserting the disc.  Screw lid back on. Lift the flip top lid, pull up the mouth piece/ nozzle and your Fill & Go is ready to ... well go!

 The  newer version looks slimline, refined and the branding looks sleeker, is instantly identifiable and fits in with the Brita brand. The older pink version's  mouth piece is rubberised and gets dirty easily, mine is looking a bit  worn and it felt odd when drinking from it until I got used to drinking from it. It also had a propensity to leak and drip if knocked on its side. The mouth piece on the newer version is plastic and the nozzle has to be pulled out to suck the water up so there is less chance of leaks due to this locking mechanism. The discs are not interchangeable.  The old discs cost £9.99 for 8,  but they only filter 20 litres per disc compared to 150 litres with a more expensive MicroDisc (£14.97 for 3).  Both bottles hold the same amount of water. 

The MicroDisc is easier to pop in than the original, as you merely unscrew the lid and place it in position.  The original had a rubber holder, which is hard to grip if you have long fingernails or poor hand movement, that had to pulled out of the lid, filter disc placed in it and then the rubber holder pushed back into the underside of the lid which could then be screwed back onto the bottle. 
As someone who does not gravitate to water as a drink, I still enjoy and think a portable filter bottle is a great concept and I like using mine.   The original version had a few flaws that seem to have been ironed out by Brita and I think they are great for day trips, definitely a hospital bag essential or just to use around the house. 

I recieved this item for free from  Comeround, but this did not influence my opinion of the product. 


  1. It's amazing how high tech water bottles are improving.

  2. The new improved version sounds way better. The old one really wasn't worth it when you can buy a 5L bottle of water for €1.29 and just fill your drinking bottle.
    Although I can't see me using it (I filter my tap water anyway due to the taste & smell) I can see how it will be very useful to others

  3. I did wonder about how the filter was kept hygenic - thanks for the great review.

    Hazel Rea - @beachrambler